Luxury brands target a niche consumer base which poses unique challenges to brands in terms of managing the expectations of discerning set of customers. We provide customized and specialized training programs to employees working with luxury brands with an aim to empower them with detailed understanding of unique needs of luxury consumers.

Examples of our training programs include:

  • Customized sales training program for front line sales staff of luxury brands to develop better understanding of consumer purchase dynamics, needs and preferences
  • Training program for marketing team of luxury brands to formulate effective marketing strategies based on industry best practices, consumer behavior principles and trends
  • Industry briefing sessions for top management of luxury brands to understand the latest trends, best practices and upcoming challenges and opportunities in the luxury industry

Examples of our certificate programs/workshops include:

  • Managing Luxury Business in the New age
  • Luxury Retail Management in the Digital Age
  • Sustainable Luxury: The way forward
  • Selling tactics for high-end brands
  • Digitization: A prerequisite for Luxury Brands
  • Effective marketing strategies to win new age luxury consumers
  • Crafting tomorrow’s Luxury Retail Store
  • Redefining Luxury Hospitality for the future
  • Understanding Indian Luxury Consumer Behaviour