Our strategic advisory & market research offering helps luxury brands to turn their existing and target customers into lifetime connoisseurs by providing in-depth knowledge on consumer behavior trends, market dynamics and competitive intelligence.

We help in creating customized marketing strategies and strategic plans based on our research and intelligence driven approach. We analyze the problem, we implement the solution and we engage in continuous follow up programs. We are solution-oriented and believe in customizing solutions based on our each client’s unique business needs. We use both qualitative and quantitative market research techniques to gain understanding about consumers’ brand choice, buying habits, consumption patterns and attitude towards purchase of luxury brands. Our success lies in selecting right target audience, suitable sampling techniques and appropriate research design based on the problem in hand.

These insights are used to develop actionable strategies for luxury brands to build long-term sustainable growth rate for the brands.

Examples of our advisory and research offerings include:

  • Formulation of India entry strategies for global brands
  • Primary and desk research study to understand luxury consumer behavior and purchase dynamics
  • Competitive intelligence and benchmarking studies to identify best practices and market scenario
  • Expert Interviews, focus group studies and consumer surveys for product launch and market testing