Luxury Market Intelligence

Our market intelligence offering allows Luxury brands to turn their target and existing customers into lifetime connoisseurs by providing in-depth consumer behavior intelligence and market dynamics. We provide actionable insights by collecting real time Point of Sale data for marketers. We help in creating customized marketing strategies and plans based on our analytical driven approach. We analyze the problem, we implement the solution and we engage in continuous follow up programs. We are solution-oriented and believe in customizing solutions based on our each client’s unique business needs.

We use both qualitative and quantitative market research techniques to gain understanding about consumers’ brand choice, buying habits, consumption patterns and attitude towards purchase of luxury brands. These insights are used to develop actionable strategies for marketers to build long-term sustainable relationships with their luxury customers.

Luxury Training

We provide customized and specialized training programs to luxury professionals with an aim to provide them with detailed understanding of unique needs of luxury consumers. It will empower them to exceed customer expectations and build team spirit which will further result in business growth and profitability.

Luxury Custom Research

We identify specific needs of our customers and use qualitative as well as quantitative research tools to provide best possible solutions to them. Our success lies in selecting right target audience, suitable sampling techniques and appropriate research design based on the problem in hand. We also provide thought provoking marketing and research content in the luxury domain.